9 Qualities that can lead you to success; Very Unusual Qualities!

Finally these are the only 9 qualities that can lead you to success.

“I wish I’d had a great marriage. See, my father was always very proud of me, but the one thing he got right was that he had a great marriage. He was married for 64 years. One of my ex-wives once said to me, “You have to work at a marriage”.

And I said, “That’s the most ridiculous thing”, because my parents, they didn’t work at the marriage. If you have to work at a marriage, it’s not going to work. It has to be sort of a natural thing. But my ex-wife would say, “You have to work at this, you have to do this, you have to do that”. And I’m saying to myself, “Man, I work all day long, well into the evening. I don’t want to come home and work at a marriage.

A marriage has to be very easy”. My father would come home, have dinner, and take it easy. It was the most natural marriage I’ve ever seen. And Melania [Melania Trump] makes my life easy; one of the things I so love about her is that she makes my life easier. I’ve never had anybody that made my life so easy. Now I hope that continues. Perhaps that will change. I intend to find out! [Oct. 2004]”

That was before he smells success on his door.
The New York Post published a magazine issue that has melania posting nude.

The stories goes like this about their potential first lady,

She is probably one of the many Slovenian young girls that ran to America each year looking for greener pastures. When they arrive the dream country they take any job they had advantage of.

For Melania, it was modelling.

She had what it takes; slim body, flat stomach, firm breast and bony face furnished with a bland stare.

But the media keeps asking the general American public would they prefer having an ex- nude model as their first lady?

On November 9 it seems obvious that the media need no response from the American public because they have got to face their fate.

His opponent had all necessary qualities to become the next world leader. She had experience, she had the right team, she had an experienced past American President by her bed side all the time.

The polls were on her side, at a time, she need not to give speech or perform any act of campaign again, because the victory has been won by her long time ago.

She entered the presidential campaign with all the necessary qualities required to be the winner of the most watched presidential race in the world.

But everyone got it wrong!

Because now a days the world welcomes unusual qualities and people with unusual qualities goes far these days.

Its simple, the world is bored.

And boredom is dead, boredom kills

Boredom was responsible for the lost of her campaign. Before he won I have always hate the usuals. I like to explore and see things from a different angle.

I told my boss three days before the election that if she eventually beats him its gonna be a narrow escape.

My boss laughed it out and two customers briefly analysed to me why he was just waiting his time.

Like it or not unusual qualities are here to stay, the world has got to embrace them or die of boredom and disappointment.

As for this Lamocle, I could only come up with 9 unusual qualities that can lead you to success. Ignore everything you have been taught. Follow the norm at your peril.

1- Greed
If not for greed my boss would be throwing 360,000 Naira yearly in the gutter, that’s 3,600,000 Naira every ten years.


The average customer we had a day that came to our cybecafe to brows is around 20, and almost all of them needs to collect 50 Naira change when they are done browsing. Our tickets ranges from 150 Naira per 30 minutes and 250 Naira per 1 hour.

And most of the time no change to give them, majority of them always say “leave the change for me nah”

Assuming he leaves the change for all of them, That will be 50 X 20 customers = 1000 Naira gone per day.

Calculating further, that will be  1000 Naira x 30 days x 12 months= 360,000 Naira per year.

Now you see how I got my figure above?

But my boss is greedy, he can’t allow even his 10 Naira to go just like that.

Because of his greed he saved 360,000 Naira yearly.

If you go to bank and you want to deposit 105,755 Naira but you are having 105,750 Naira will the teller or cashier accept to credit that money for you? Of course not. you have to add the 5 Naira or the smart teller will simply say “next customer please”

Now you will be wondering, why is this teller or this bank people this stingy or greedy?

Upon the huge amount of salary they are being paid they still can’t help someone with 5 Naira.

But you will be reluctant to calculate that if the teller or banker assist every customer that comes to the banking hall with 5 Naira then by the end of the business day the bankers salary might have been squandered.

Because every kobo, every penny leads to something big like a million and a billion, because you can’t count one million Naira without starting from 1 Naira, you can’t count 1 Naira without starting from one Kobo.

People that look at the term greed negatively can never achieve anything worthwhile.

They are mostly poor and point fingers at the Greedy Wealthy Men. When I discovered the importance of greed I refuse to get angry at anyone that says I’m Stingy. Because I’m trying to manage the little I have.

Because every little thing amount to one big thing.
One kobo can leads to one million Naira.

2- Confident
Cleopatra had more than confident, she had guts she had courage, knowing fully well that to get control of her empire back she will need the help of a ruler– Mack Anthony she ordered to be wrapped in a carpet and unfolded right in front of the humanizing ruler.

Such confidence and entrance is irresistible and works wonders.

The CEO of the cleaning business needs matured marketers with high degrees to work for him. He wants to market his new cleaning business.

No job anywhere that year.

Feeling jobless and sick in the stomach, I convinced my job agent to send me to the interview after being told the requirement.
I was sent.

I entered into the office, I met about 3 men and 2 women all within the age of 32-37. I was around 20 something years old.
They were all calm and looking very formal, with shirt and tie.

Trying to maintain eye contact with them, I experienced a little shiver up stairs. Already the boss has been staring at me from the glass that demarcated his office from the reception. I got a glimpse of him.

Noticing that I’m younger than the rest of the interviewees he reckoned to me to come inside his office immediately he was done interviewing a very smart guy. (Perhaps, he wanted to quickly discharge me)

So I boldly walked in. He laughed and asked me if I knew the nature of the job I am applying for.

I said yes.

He went on saying that he knows that I can sell in a shop, in a supermarket or in a bar, but the kind of selling he deals with is high scale selling, where I have to be on the field, under the sun, going from office to office from home to him knocking on doors, trying to sell them a cleaning service.

He asked me what’s my qualification I said SSCE. (But I lied, I was a dropout in junior school)

He said OK that I’m not qualified for the job, but he will ask me some questions about marketing if I got it I’m hired.

He said what are the four PS of marketing

I quickly stammered my answer correctly to him, I even add a fifth p, I think I learned that in a book called Kotler on Marketing authored by Steven Kotler.

He laughed and gave me the job.

That day I believed that my confidence overwhelmed him and make him unable to refuse my job application.

Sometimes confidence alone can lead you to overwhelming success, If you put it to work.

3- Forgiving
The tortoise can never be faster than it is because it simply refuse to drop that heavy load on it back.

A lot of us are like the tortoise, we carry a heavy load on our heart from years to years and it’s hurts. It slows us down.

When you refuse to forgive someone that has vexed you in the past you are carrying part of that persons burden. Because each time you see that person or have any relating thought concerning that person your heart goes BOOM!

Its just crazy.

Because of a girl I was dating I refused to forgive him!

We lived in the same room, one bed, chair, one TV, two ward robes. But we were worst enemies. He is far older than me but we were both niggers as far as the street is concern.

I’m Talking about my long time friend whom I won’t mention his name directly on this Lamocle. But if you insist you will get it in the comment section below, just ask me.

We carried on like this for years.

I was now at fault, because I should have forgiven him a long time ago and carry on with my normal way of life. Because of this heated beef I loss a lot in those days and what I missed I can never get back.

But he later assumed his senior bro position and hola at me. He said I’m his younger brother but I’m fuckung up.

He forgave me.

Imideately I did the same and vowed in my mind that I will never engage any of my chums in such a lengthy malice again.

After that long beef, I felt like I just off loaded a very heavy load off my back, a load like the one the tortoise has been carrying for years now.

One thing about carrying a heavy load on our back, is that they wiegh us down!

They make us walk slow and make it difficult for us to achieve our dreams in time. We miss a lot on the line and this painful and uncalled for.

While others are walking very fast on the path that leads to success we struggled to keep up with the same pace with them. We can’t reach them they are faster than us and get to the bus stop before us because we have wasted our precious time carrying someone else’s burden.

Forgive and let go and move on with your life. There are far more important things up there you need to get your hands on, instead of rumbling yourself on the floor like my 4 months old nephew.

4- Heavy Playing
The way Michael Jackson sounds in several interviews especially the one he did with Oprah Winfrey will tell you that he doesn’t feel successful.

He told Oprah that his infant years (probably his playful years) were taken away from Him by his ever insistent no-nonsense father, Joe Jackson.

Michale can never get back those infant years that was stolen from him and deep down, there lies the vacuum.

This vacuum or childish un-accomplishment landed him In serious troubles.

Because when he was trying to recoup His infant or baby years by bringing infant and babies closer to himself, the very society that hinted him that it was ok to skip those vital stage in life mock and scold him.

They took him to jail and tormented his life.

His image and name has gone beyond the stage of tarnishing, but still he felt like he has been robbed and raped by everyone that knew him from childhood.

With such a feeling and perception about life and the human race there is no way that MJ can comfortably claim that he achieved 100 percent success in life.

When I was small I played a lot. At a time my father was scared for me, thinking I am over playing, and might play away my future.

He comes back home from work by 7 Im, I’m supposed to stop playing by 5 pm, but I won’t. I always play late into the night and come back home by 8:30 to 9:00pm and I surely got the beating of a life time that I deserve.

I enjoyed playing like I enjoy making love. But now a days I can’t even have 20 minutes to play!

now always looking for all means to accomplish goals and vision and add some change in my bank account . that is the kind of game that I play these days.

And I don’t feel cheated for not having time to play or to even watch movies, because I did all those things when the time was right, now I’m satisfied of those things, I can now face the future and reality because this is the right time for me to do those things.

But anytime I have the opportunity to play, I play and play a lot. Especially with a loved one.

5- Sleeping
I think its Awolowo that said something like this: if you sleep more than 3 hours a day you will not be rich.

I held that quote to my heart for years. The first time I tried to sleep less I achieved a lot, I learned andputer on my own and a little bit of internet marketing and blah blah blah.

I couldn’t stay awake on my own, so I used Nescafe coffee. I used it to the extent that it stop working with my body system, so I researched another way to stay awake. I tried dipping my legs in cold water.

But instead, this method makes me sleep Immediately. Thank God I have learned a little bit. And gained something from sleeping less.

So I forgot about the whole idea of sleeping 3 hours daily. I resumed my normal sleeping schedule.

Which is sleep anytime you feel sleepy and wake up anytime you feel like, except you are working and have to keep up with time

Later in years I stumbled upon another saying that says while you are sleeping your competitors are making money.

I got mad and went back to my 3 hours a day sleeping routine. I got some Nescafe tried it for some weeks.

But this time it didn’t work well for my body system at all!

It contributed to a very serious stomach pain that lasted for more than one week. So for more than one week I could do nothing!

I was looking at my laptop but couldn’t press any button there because it seems as if there is a 4th world war going on in my stomach.

I spent a fortune to heal myself. I also called on God through Jesus when I became scared.

After I got healed I ran away from Nescafe!

But I worked when I’m alert. Or sometimes I I put myself in an alert mood during the day against the night.

And I think that is ok by me.

So I sleep when my body wants it and still stay relevant and competitive.

By the way who am I competing with?

There is nothing new that need to be created again!

Zuckerberg has created Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin has created Google, the Wilbur’s brothers has created the Aeroplane.

There are other thousands of inventions that has been created years before me. And 90 percent of these inventions are Still valuable and useful today.

So why am I bothering and killing myself by not sleeping properly?

6- Good Looking
Appearance matters in these our new world!
Everything is judged by it appearance, if it doesn’t look good we will skip it.

They are lying! They said that the heart is where the beauty lies. Big lie! Why did usher had to divorce his ugly wife?

Why did Ramsey Noah never came to red carpet with his ugly short wife. Why is Ini Edo always in front of her husband that is scarcely handsome. The media rules the world now a days and the media is guided with one sole principle.

What we see is what we believe.

If appearance doesn’t matter why are Hollywood celebrities going for boob work and face lift and hip lift and so on.

There is no two ways about it. The fashion industry is a living prove, 3 years ago I checked the net worth of the fashion industry globally is about 360 billion dollars, that’s like 10 times valuable than the music industry which was around 36 billion Dollars that same year.

And the fashion industry is all about
Good looks and appearance.

Don’t ever play with your appearance if you want to be recognized or achieve anything worth while now a days.

Always look good, smell nice, walk tall like you came from a royal family, race your shoulder up like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce.

At the end never joke with your appearance.

7- Focus
Hillary was busy gathering supports and wiping the tears off the face of all the unfortunate people that he has insulted and embarrassed but he was busy focusing on getting into the white house.

He focused on things that can get him there.

Which is the weak mind of Hillary, the FBI boss, the country with intelligent cybermen; Russia, one of the biggest gathering of white supremacist; the Ku Klux Klan,

He ignored the media and every one else, at the end it all paid off.

Nothing can beat a focus mind.

You have heard of the eagle’s attack. How it study its prey intently for long, how it circles it, how it think of no other thin but its prey and how it choose to look at no other direction once its time to strike.

Focus is a wonderful thing and a one way journey. There is no way you can get it wrong.

When you are looking up, you can’t look down at the same time.

When you are looking forward you can’t look backward at the same time.

When observers, scientists and philosophers noticed this great phenomenon about life and focus. Millions of books were publish on this same subject.

When you are focus on a subject that’s is it!

Nothing else is in view

Your mind is conditioned.

You have programmed your mind like a computer to do that particular task and it will never deviate from that task until its accomplished.

8- Less Friends

Friends are so expensive to manage now and then. Because you can never have friends when you are broke.

My father was a perfect example. He had so many friends in his youthful days. He cherished them a lot and always make sure that his wife tend to them very well when ever they are around.

Moma told my elder sisters that popa would order her to prepare a full busy pot of pepper soup and graced the soup with all sort of meats and fish and stuck-fish. Everything eatable is present in the pot of pepper soup.

He would send for beer for everyone.

They loved him and frequent their visit to our house. He too was so happy, feeling important and loved.

But as he lost his driving job, and start to sell his properties one by one, his friends left him one by one too.

The last friend that managed to stick with him when things were bad later found an opportunity to escape as well. Since then he remained friendless.

But he is at his old age now, with less formal education.

I don’t know if he can really achieve anything worthwhile now. Those years are gone! He can never get them back.

Image result for malian trump
9- Sex
Even the great book, the holy bible couldn’t abstain from the topic of sex so a whole book was dedicated to the controversial topic–Songs of Solomon.
Apart from Michael Jackson who happens to be a man no one in Hollywood has ever managed to attain such great height without sex. From Marilyn Monroe to Dietrich to Madonna to Rihanna; they all utilize the power of sex to get to where they are going.
Sex, to me, is the unusual break from Reality and it reconnects your body and soul and make one feel like their is something far powerful than their own guts or will power. Sex is uncontrollable and can not be forced to a halt.

I have covered a topic similar to this on this site, a topic that tries to argue why sex does leads to success. I think I should just leave this at this stage.

I don’t know how you define sex, but to achieve success of any kind, you will surely require sex one way or the other.

If you want to become the next president and you don’t have a loving wife or a loving small family, its either your credibility will be doubted or you will be out-rightly disqualified.

If you don’t have sex you can’t give birth to great kids like Albert Einstein or Barack Obama.

If your kids are not taught about the subject of sex properly, they might end up with an unwanted pregnancy or disease that might lead them to death.

If you are the most handsome guy on your street and you are dating the most beautiful girl on that street and you have not slept with her, then you deserve no trophy.


I live on 99.9 percent of the 9 qualities above. And sometimes I ignore all of them and look for a challenging unusual qualities, because I easily gets bored at tradition or cultture