Some books are free on this page. Some you might have to pay a token. But you will never regret reading any of the books below.

When I put myself into a book project I make sure I want to write a book even my 5 years old niece could comprehend (because if she don’t understand it she is gonna blast me straight forward! Yes, she got that from her single mother Ngozi, my Eldest sister.)

I also make sure my book can be considered amongst those books that changed the course of history and save the world. After all isn’t that why we all are living?…trying to save the world like Super Man.

The Ultimate 104 Ways To Promote Your Music                                                            TU104-COVER-book shape copyThe music industry is filled with competition…the big dogs are even competing fiercely with the little dogs known as the upcoming artists who has got a little pocket. The battle is serious, that if you don’t tighten your sit belt very well you might fly off the airplane. Lakotai wrote this book as a result of the   plight of every up and coming talented frustrated musicians out there that need to get their music to their various fans.

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