When confused people are complaining you are advancing 

When Anita broke the good news to me I felt worthless for more than one month.

I felt like there is poo all over me. So everywhere I go people must notice this poo and they will surely laugh.

On the other hand, Anita was catching great fun with Gaddafi and probably Dakida his brother. They were both decent of Liberia. (RIP Dakida)

Anita has moved on long time ago without minding if I’m dead or still alive,  not to talk of if I’m crying. Which I did in my mind.

I complained to all my friends. I blasted of all the devilish things I will do to girls because of what Anita has done to me. I swore never to love again. I said this and that.



I moved on.

I also advanced like Anita did. Life goes on.

After Anita, and some years later after fulfilling my diabolical promises to some few girls I loved again.

No names please. But she loved me like a baby I had every intentions to marry her and keep her to my self for eternity. She was a wife material. And everything.

But deep down I knew that it might not work,  apart from the huge age difference inbetween us (she was older) there are many factors that doomed the relationship.

But time is running fast. She can’t just continue with me blindly. She started reading some women motivational journals and becoming an avid church goer.

I sensed her intentions evwnbwgore she start insinuating that I should not commit suicide or do any harm to myself even if we departed.

But one day during my working hour in the club she broke the hood news to me.

“she is getting married ”

But not me of course. But to one guy my spirit didn’t rhymes with. But she just have to get married. She is not getting any younger!

Few years into the future she finally got happily married. But not to that first guy she was supposed to marry. She said they couldn’t continue because of their genotype.

Next she uploaded a picture of a pretty  baby girl on her whatsapp dp. It was her daughter! What happened?

So fast?

Then I knew that that was that.

She is gone she has moved on long time ago even when we were still together and I was still sipping my own shit acting like some ignorant fool.

In 2008 duing one of the world worst global reccession. A time when people were dying of hunger. UN was blowing alarm of dangers all over the world.

Families in UK and other developed western countewere committing suicide with their family. (actually this one shocked me, because I used to think that if you are tired of life and too ashamed to live on then if you want die like a looser you should die alone. Why taking every one with you?)

Well that was how bad the situation was. The stock market was hell. Countries like Germany Japan and China cried like hungry babies.their graduate flood every job tradefair.

While millions in the village starve.

Joel Havemann of Britannica.com has a complete record of this incident here.

Well this was just the second great recession since the first in 1930.

But as all these things were happening great minds like Billgate,  Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote were ammasing billions of dollars.

Ordinary individuals like Zuckerberg were creating an nurturing extraordinary organisations like Facebook. When talented young politicians like Jonathan were confused about the future of the most populous black national in the world. Aged politicians like Buhari were plotting a huge comeback.

Same in 2008 while some upcoming musicians and few of my friends who also love doing music as a hobby were complaining about record label not signing enough artist,  at least them. I was planning to launch my own record label, and I did.

In 200.. While gdhsh was thinking of how to overtakeyhussain bolt, Hussein bolt ovrtok hi and the rest running mate.

As you are advancing people are complaining that’s the good news.

But immediately you start to complain people will take advantage of your complaining. People especially your competition will hear you weakness and use it against you.

Now the Universe has presented us with two options, it’s either you complain or you advance.