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The Lakotai Story:

I wish I have the courage to tell my dad how disappointed I am with
My mom. I am still angry with her up till today, because she couldn’t wait for me to fulfil my promise to her. 3 years before she died, I promised her that when I become super rich I am going to buy her a lady sport car, regardless of her age. But instead she lost a battle with Typhoid and that was the beginning of my grudges for her.

lakotai-sii-400x400I am telling you this short story about myself to let you know that I am a human being like you too, me too I have my own

and mistakes, me too I’m not perfect like Jesus Christ or Muhammad or Bhudda. But earlier on in life I discovered that to be successful I have to always be motivated. So I start to read a lot of motivational books. And now I am self-motivated. But my success can not be complete if I couldn’t pass my joy unto you that also need motivation. That’s why I love rapping and writing, because they give me an avenue to motivate you.
Fast forward to some years later>>>>

Third Party: (someone is helping me to narrate my musical journey)
After a Question Mark Entertainment executive referred to Lakotai as a kid and after failing to succeed at more than 20 record label’s auditions and interviews, 2 years later the 18 years old Lakotai founded Hundred L Music with 8000 Naira capital he squeezed out of his 12,000 Naira monthly salary.

For the next 31 days Lakotai have to live on the remaining 4000 Naira. The 8000 Naira was used to register Hundred L as a business name at CAC. in City Travels and Tours where he worked as a cleaner for one year he was lucky enough to find an unused computer which he used to chart the course of Hundred L in his spare time. HLM first office was a hut. The only difference was that its roofing was made of old rusty zincs, that leaks anytime it rained. The office was located at Ikota, directly opposite VGC, a ghetto that can also be referred to as a slump.ifeanyi-lakotai-williamchi

Due to zero capital at hand Lakotai ignored his chum’s advice to bring in more artists into the label. So he remained the sole recording artiste and employee on the label for the next 4 years. In 2012 Lakotai released his debut ten track album digitally, the album is currently selling on iTunes and Amazon.


With little knowledge on the internet Lakotai has managed to spread the Lakotai brand, message and music all over the world. HLM has also taken shape due to the hard work of Ifeanyi and his team.

My Complete Personal Data
Name-mine: Ifeanyi and Lakotai
Name-dad’s: William
Name-updated: Lakotai Ifeanyi Willimchi
Date of Birth: Feb, 4. 1990
State of Origin: Abia
Local Gov’t Area: Ukwa East
Nationality: Nigeria
Religion: Christian ( but I can rap in your Mosque)
Churches: CAC, Redeem, Jehovash Witness, Foursquare, Catholic, God Favourite House, House On The Rock
Current location: Lagos
Current and permanent city: Lekki
Sex: Male
Family Number: 4
Height: 5’5 (with hilly shoes–6′)
Weight: not stable yet, but my aim is 200 pounds
Skin Color: choc boy (chocolate) no bleach
Hair Color: black (no dye)
Marital Status: Single (but I’m marrying soon)
First Love: Anita Ezebri
First Heart Break: Anita Ezebri
Girl Friends: About 7 and counting, (their names might appear in my Autobiography
Crush: Kim Kardarshian
Hobbies: Rapping, Writing, Hanging Out with a girl I love, Meditating
Favourite food: Amala
Confused about: Lady Gaga
Role Models: Nas, Jay Z, Common,
Favorite Authors: Seth Godin, James Altucher, Malcolm Gladwell
Favourite Pastor: Pastor Paul Adefaransin, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor E. A Adeboye
Mentor: (you can apply for that)
Primary School: Kuramo Primary School
Secondary School: Ireti Grammar School (dropped out!)
College: Unilag (Aspirant)

My Vision Statement
To be the richest musician in Africa by the time I am 80 years

My Mission Statement
To motivate every african youth to success

A Reality
You are not successful than Lakotai, Do you want to know why? Well, its because you are not aware that you are more successful than I am.

Your mind has been littered by the dirty sermons of pastor know-it-all! You have been a disciple of baseless ancient teachings of Success right from the day you forced yourself outta your mama P***y.

This is the particular issue I am trying to stress here, at lakotaiwilliamchi.com

Why This Site?
This site was developed to discuss my success stories with you. Well at first, I thought that I could only accomplish this task with Hip hop music,
Not until I installed a blogging tool on this site, since then I have been amazed at how broad and freely I can poke holes on the traditional believe of SUCCESS. Lol;)

What Has Lakotai Accomplished So Far?
Please am sorry, you will have to ask Mr Google that question,
Just type “Lakotai” in the search box and enjoy the free ride;)

You Think I Deserve a Title?
Am not a believer of titles, but if you still insist you want to associate my name with one, then you can choose from the list below:

Lakotai the:
-Impresario (Entertainment Entrepreneur)
-Success Advocate
-Motivational Rapper
-Motivational Writer
-Motivational Speaker
-Motivational Author

What They’ve Said About Lakotai:
“you can certainly see your skills
in the work you write. The world
hopes for even more passionate
writers like you who aren’t afraid to
say how they believe. Always go
after your heart.”
— Wiedza i życiep

“In the world of today where there is so much
pressure to fit in lakotai stands out.
It is therefore to the glory of God that I recommend
lakotai’s gospel to that special YOU”
__Mr Arobo Kalango
(Chair Man) V.G.C PORA


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