Ignore Richard Branson Business Ideas if you hate to run mad

Two of his books that has most of his intimate stories got burnt In a fire incident I was a victim of.

That is to let you know that I might not be diving so deep into his personal life on this Lamocle. Because it is not in my budget to get any book that will add to my confusion and madness right now.

Yes my house got burnt,

Sad story. I know but don’t expect me to explain. Ok, the only thing I will tell you from that incident was that the only thing I got out from that fire was my whole body with the boxer I was putting on while sleeping and a very large red shirt whose front pocket has card holder.

That was all.

Everything got burnt in that house.

“Two trans-Atlantic adventurers jumped into the sea today as their disabled hot-air balloon went down within sight of their landing target on the coast of western Scotland.

The balloonists, Richard Branson, a wealthy 36-year-old Briton, and Per Lindstrand, a 38-year-old Swede, who designed the craft, were pulled from the sea by Royal Navy rescue teams about 37 hours after they took off from Maine to make the first trans-Atlantic crossing in a hot-air balloon. Three such crossings have been made in helium balloons. Hits Ground in Northern Ireland

Their balloon, the Virgin Atlantic Flyer, got into trouble soon after it crossed the Irish coast. Descending from 27,000 feet, it hit the ground near Limavady in Northern Ireland, scraping along the ground and losing two fuel tanks.

Regaining altitude, the billowing black and silver craft, as tall as a 22-story building, proceeded east. But once over water again, it began bouncing along the sea near Rathlin Island, losing its flotation bags after an unsuccessful attempt to land on a beach on the island.

”I’m lucky to be here,” Mr. Branson, the head of Virgin Atlantic Airways and a British entertainment conglomerate, said in a television interview from Kilmarnock, Scotland. ”I’m very lucky to be alive.” Explosive Bolts Didn’t Work” –nytimes.com

The above news was published in the nytimes.com in 1987, that means Branson the adventurer would have become a history since 1987.

But he can’t just die.

That was not the first and the only near-death experience he has encountered throughout his life. In his book, loosing my virginity he let us know of all those life-threatening event he has escaped.

But that’s not the reason why I said you should ignore him.

At a very tender age, he has been developing his business acumen. He did that, did this, launch a student magazine, then a music order business, then a studio and everything.

He was not just focus!

But he became a success, luckily though.
But one of the people that helped him to become a success was Pepsi.

When Pepsi saw that Richard was not to be taken for granted they launched a SWAT team to combat him!

At least they taught him the importance of focus and minding your business.

But the fact is Branson almost ruined my life!

After reading about 3 of his book I thought that I too should be jumping up and down launching business upon business halfway. I wanted to be the first to launch this or that. I wanted to have so many subsidiaries under my control.

But I was just planning to run mad like Richard almost did in his early days, i was running a web design business that became successful immediately, but I was not paying much attention to it. My client started complaining, and some of them began noticing that I was not being focus.

Immediately my foolishness reflected on my bank account. I knew what was wrong.

But I can’t just stop its like an adrenaline that’s running rapidly through my vein.

All these ideas were so good that I can’t just let go of any of them. But I know that if I continue like that I might just die after running mad like Terry G.

I launched few other businesses that are crawling, sometimes I wondered to myself, who forced me to believe in all this crappy multi-business ideas?

Why didn’t someone just give me a pat on the shoulder that I shouldn’t launch business xyz when I was about to. But one thing about me is that I always like to finish what ever I started.

Because I wanna prove my popa wrong. Who once told me that “is there anything I have ever finished?”

When I realised what I have been doing wrong, I started to prioritize all my business ventures. I said to myself that I’m gonna focus on the business that brings in money immediately and bench the ones that will take years to become profitable.

I also kept an eye on the business ideas that I know can pick up any moment from now.

I prioritize everything.

Coincidentally my blackberry phone that got all my business ideas got lost and I didn’t back them up.

I was using BB Protect–a backup and recovery app in the BlackBerry phone that enables me to get back my information from my BlackBerry phone anytime i sold it or misplace it, but right now I’m not ready for them.

I keep postponing getting a BlackBerry device so that I can get my over one hundred business ideas back.

Now I know that there is a reason for that.

I’m using an Android phone now. And I don’t think  I’m gonna go back to blackberry any moment from now, so only God knows when I will set my eyes on those business ideas again lying down idle in the memo pad of blackberry phone

The best thing I have decided to do is make one business ventures successful first, then I can fund my other relevant business ideas with the profit from my successful venture.

Richard did almost the same but he did everything. At a time when he became so successful, and was known of bring ideas to life, people started sending him so many funny business ideas.

He said at a time, one woman sent him a very funny tomatoes paste idea.

Probably he was now scared of the multitude of ideas at the disposal of humans. Ideas are bountiful, they can never finish. There will always be new ideas as the world evolves.

So don’t kill yourself or run mad because you want to be Sir Richard Branson by executing all the dick and harry business ideas that runs into your head every single minute.

Instead, focus!

Make one business idea successful first.

See you next Monday!