Poor Men Can’t Sell Anything, So They Die Poor

My father was a very shy man.

He remained in his low paying job for more than Forty years until he died Pathetically poor in December 2016.

I remember it was me and Ngozi my eldest sister that did the job hunting for for him. We created his CV and I paid the job agency fee. Fortunately he got the job.

Before that. The job that he was doing before was even scouted for him by my other sister Martha who is 2 years younger than Ngozi. 

The job he had before Martha got him that job was someone’s else doings.

So it means that my father never made any endeavors to sell himself at all. Everything he got was luck.

He was a gentle man and nice too. But how can one be gentle and nice and still survive in this our systems of things?

I asked this question not that I don’t know the answer.

Which is insanity.

Not me. I can never be that kind of gentle but I can be nice, but I must survive. My father knew that he won’t succeed in advising me to be a good boy or a good man. So instead he changed the topic and advised me to watch my friends.

He repeatedly warned me of friends and narrated his sad story of how his friends confused him and ruined his life and later deserted or abandoned him to die.

But he was wrong.

What he failed to realize was that his friends were good at selling to him than he was good at selling himself to his friends. His friends successfully sold their garbage to him and he bought all of them.

They were very good sales men with honey words and smiling faces. (up until now i can still picture the smiling face of his last friend who do visit our house before he too later ran away)

So I partially took that his advice because a lot of my friends have been good to me. And I am a practicing sales men. 

I am still seriously learning how to sell anything to any one and anyone to anything.

So I think I’m successfully selling to some of my friends. 

When I was jobless a friend of mine got me a job. It was my savings from this job that I used to get my first standard room. (when I say standard room, I mean a block house not pako or wooding house)

After I got this my standard house the job I was doing got finished. So I got broke again. Some times I called some of my friends for help and they turn up.

I started a web design business about four of my friends patronized me without much sales pitch or marketing gimmicks. 

I can’t even remember the number of houses from which I have had my launch and breakfast even dinner because of my brokness then.

But I succeeded in succeeding in all this survival tactics because I was good at selling.

If I was shy,  if I was all to myself, if I was not social, if I was not expressive, if I didn’t know how to smile or keep my face well whenever I’m with my friends or anyone I feel can help my situation at that time, life wouldn’t have been that easy for me.

If I hadn’t lower my shoulder down and opened up to Uju around the year 2009 that I was hungry and broke and don’t have transport To home and back to work, I wouldn’t have last in my “Sport World” job. 

I wouldn’t have received all those numerous favours and assistant  I got from Uju back then.

I’m not boasting. 

I’m just trying to let you know that the reason why I’m here today looking like a responsible and an important young man in the Lekki society and to my family and friends is because I have been a little bit good at selling all my life.

I said I little bit, because I’m still not good at selling. I am still battling with shyness and “what ifs”

Because I know that by the time I become very good at selling I should be having like 10,000 readers for each of my Lamocle.

Before he got to Robben Island prison Mandela has been eagerly selling himself to the African people. 

So when he finally arrived his prison cell he sold himself even more. 

Perhaps, becoming the first President of one of the most powerful nation in Africa was not a thing of hassle to him. Because he has done the hard part of selling himself long time ago. 

He campaigned twice and failed. 

He was doing something wrongly. He was selling but was not selling himself to some particular set of people. 

In 2015 Nigeria General Election he Corrected the mistake, he changed his sales tactics and bowed down to the West (the Yorubas) by selling himself to them. 

On the other hand his opponent did the opposite or the mistake he did, his opponent sold himself to the wrong set of people. 

We all know the outcome of such a move. 

On the corporate end,  sales men are king in the company. 

Without sales men the financials of the company or the cashflow of the company will be so negative that no investor will venture put his hard earned money there. 

That’s why big organisations that knows the importance of selling invest heavily on educating sales men. 

They know the magnitude of returns from such investment. 

As an up and coming musician you must keep on selling yourself and your music. You can never stop even though you finally land a lucrative deal. 

What ever you want to to become in life you must sell.  No one can dodge that part. 

There are thousands of books and articles on this subject, devour anyone you can. Become great at selling. See the results directly in your life or any project that you implemented the sales on. 

….and come back to thank me later