Stop planning for the future! Especially If you eat at KFC

Colonel Sanders was planning for the future for the past 60 years.

when he realized that he was wasting his time due to unreasonable procrastination all in the name of planning for the future he founded KFC. and became a billionaire by 88.

He was very old when he became a billionaire, he has wasted about 50 years out of his entire life and those years he can never get back.

What did Sanders did wrong?

Image result for methuselahSame mistake Methuselah did as recorded by the bible in (Genesis 5:27). Methuselah lived about 969 years older than any successful prophet in bible times but bible insinuated that Methuselah achieved nothing!

The Holy bible recognized that Methuselah’s father Enoch and Methuselah’s son Lamech were great and walked with God. however they both lived a shorter lives than Methuselah himself. so what was Methuselah’s blessing. when God didn’t recognized him but make him to live a long live?

Obviously how long and how far you plan or live is not in the interest of God, so why border planning for the future?

Both Methuselah and Sanders were both planning for the future.
They thought the future is something that can be grasp and felt in the hand.

But they both think in err.

Note that, I’m not saying that planning should be completely extinguished from our over all life.

There are many other things that requires planning, things like event planning, business planning, and town planning.

These things need planning because they are more like something we can control.

But men are not God!

If men were God we wouldn’t be occupying this imperfect planet earth.

Its only God or the mighty being that originated everything that we are making use of now that can adequately describe and define the future.

As worst as it is.

Jesus Couldn’t Predict the future on the cross

I’m forced to say that even Jesus Christ himself at a time couldn’t predict his own future!

If he could he wouldn’t start questioning God “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” (which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”). Found in the Holy bible book of Mathew 27:46

Before we dive deep down into the misunderstanding in between Christ and his father while he was in peril on the cross lets briefly go through a paragraph borrowed from

So when Jesus cried out, “Why have you forsaken me?” it was because He was experiencing a brokenness in His relationship with God the Father that they had never before experienced. Yes, He knew that God had not finally and ultimately forsaken Him, and He knew that He would be raised again in three days, but the cry of Jesus from the cross is not about those things, but about the separation from God He experienced for the very time in all eternity.

Him and his father has been together for a very long time until that day that he experienced that separation from God. he never expected his father’s actions.

So Christ will be like “why will he forsake me now that I’m carrying all this billions of sins on my shoulder?

Why now?

“is  that what we planned?”

If Jesus Christ had known the future in that particular time he wouldn’t have bordered asking God “Why have you forsaken me?” because he should have been well informed and be aware of the plan of God.

He should have known that God hates dirty and sin and that when God sees that the sins are too much on him he will briefly separate from him until the sins dissolves in his grave.

The designing and plotting of the human future is left with God.

Egypt was future blind too

If Egypt that was once world power in the early 3100 B.C has had the power to predict the future of their powerful kingdom with all sort of magicians and powerful spiritual men, they would have known that one day, the Canaanites/Hyksos, Libyans, the Nubians, the Assyrians, Babylonians, the Achaemenid Persians, and the Macedonians will conquer their great and prosperous kingdom and will become the world power that everyone will be running to.

But they don’t!

They were future blind!

and the reason why that is like that is simple. I said it above,

The originator of everything likes it like that.

because at a time he even has to separate himself from his only begotten son.

That is the fun part of life.

Men can not be God! Because its only the being with complete Godly quality that can adequately predict the future of things.

Russia vs America

As gigantic and powerful and brilliant as American is they are still afraid to vote in the wrong person.

Will it be Trump?

Will it be Hillary?

No one knows.

In the last or second presidential debate. Clinton claimed that 17 American brilliant agents confirmed that Russia is trying to influence the destiny of the American Election.

She insinuated that Russia is backing Donald Trump.

And Donald Trump says that Putin is a nice guy!

So how accurate can Russia predict the outcome of the American election.

more still, how comfortably can Russia or Putin predict that Trump–their puppet–according to Hillary will not deviate from them and their policy in the future if elected the president of the United State of America?

Bill Gate vs Steve Jobs

So the difference between Bill gate and Steve Jobs was that while jobs was planning for the future of Apple and other PERFECT product under Apple,

Bill was doing the exact opposite.

Bill was busy pulling out imperfect products upon product to the market. As the products emerges they pointed out faults which he fixed in the next product.

He lived by the present day.

He had no idea where the technology world is heading to. So he took his chances and its those imperfect windows or products that kept him consecutively on numerous billionaires rich list for years.

Although Steve later exonerated his perfect products.

But they still could not forced Bill’s imperfect product out of the market. Because Bill’s product are for the day.

They are not meant for the future.

Entrepreneur and a CEO.

That’s the difference between an Entrepreneur and a CEO.

Entrepreneurs love to plan for the future. Because its the wisest thing to do.

But CEOs on the other hand plan for today. Because the job of the CEO is to make sure that the company he is leading is successful.

Any  other thing doesn’t applies.

Other managers and executives can plan for the future of their various departments except the CEO.

That’s why millions of ideas perish for lack of execution. There aren’t any CEOs to executes these WOW ideas

So they die a pathetic death.

The entrepreneurs who found these ideas cling on them from years to years waiting and planning for the future. That is what they use to console themselves when they fail or are to lazy to go out and execute their ideas each day.

I was future blind too (Conclusion)

When I was 10 I panned to become a millionaire by the time I’m 20.
So i fantasized in that dream from years to years.

But the future never comes!

Because every normal human being should know that the future will never come!

All there is, is today!

I was so optimistic and believed that I can achieve that unreasonable dream, but I never knew I was wasting my precious time. I was hoping that when the future comes it will definitely come with my 1 million Naira.

Now I’m 26 and I’m still not a millionaire because I have been wasting my precious time planning for the future. planning for what i have no command of.

which is even more dangerous than not planning at all!

Because if you have not started planning then you have hope of planning the right way instead of planning for something abstract like the future.

But thank God I have learned my lesson now.

I could have planned for 5-10 years then 20-50 years and so forth. That way I know exactly what I’m expecting from the future.

I could have been more specific about what I want from this thing we call life.

Instead fantasizing on becoming a millionaire by the time I’m 20. I could have said that I want to have 1 million Naira in the bank by the time I’m 20.

That way I know that I’m not lost.

I know I’m not foolishly planning for the future.

Image result for kfc cartoon

What do chicken do at KFC?

Maybe i have to visit one of KFC branch in Lagos to know. (perhaps,  i have not eaten at any KFC, prior to writing this Lamocle)