The Good and The Bad Envy, Another Meaning of Jacob and Esau’s Story  

Envy is not a diabolical habit in it total nature  until it’s tailored negatively. 

But there is a problem, we grew up looking at envy negatively to the extent that when we envy we try to justify it because we are scared of what the society might say about us. 

We are so concerned about the society that we live In. That we forgot that somethings are natural and have positive and a negative side. And somethings are beyond our control even as we see them leading to death. 

To clearly drive my point,  we will go through two different stories together, All from the most selling book ever– the Bible. 

This story is very popular. So lemme just paraphrase it. 

1. God wants a sacrifice. From these two kids he made this request so that he can print out the difference between Cane and Abel. 

Because until God made that request these two brothers were just like every day normal human being. 

But God wants to prove the both of them wrong so he made that humble request. 

“I need a sacrifice ”

Cane went on his way and gathered what he thought was the best of his crops. As a farmer. He told the souls and try to obey God’s request of offering he a burnt sacrifice. 

On the other hand Abel too went to his field and sort out the best ram he could get just like his brother Cane. He he too took his time like cane to bring out the of hi rock as a burnt offering to God. 

The special day came. 

The both of them start to burn the sacrifices to God as the two sacrifices where getting closer to God. 

God chose one and openly rejected one. 4th e reason he said Abel’s sacrifice Was The best and Cane didn’t go the extra mile to get him the best of his stock. The Bible recorded that Cane’s sacrifice where if bad nature… They where rotten crops. 

But how come? When the two brothers both laboured hard to gather these sacrifices? 

OK that has happened. 

But of the most important message God was trying to how us is that there is a bad envy. A very negative envy that can even leads to to death. 

As the story has it. Cane later hit his brother Abel with a stone and Able died.

2. Isaac was partial in showing love to his younger son Jacob. Maybe it was the tradition of that time that cause a man to favour his eldest son to his younger sons. 

Jacob and his mother knew this undeniable facts. They knew that when Isaac approaches his death stage he must blessed someone and that blessings is automatically for the eldest son Esau. 

So the day came that he was supposed to blessed his son. He ordered him to prepare him his best meal. 

But instead Jacob’s mother assisted Jacob in preparing the meal and asked Jacob to serve the meal pretending like Esau his elder  brother.

Isaac received the meal and blessed Jacob accordingly as the first son. 

So when Esau came to his father it was too late the blessing is gone. 

The Bible also mentioned that before that day Jacob has already lured Esau into selling his birthright to him for a meal. 

Even at that he still makes endeavors to collect that blessing at the last day. 

Jacob is a perfect example of a positive envy. 

He envied his elder brother. And made plan to kill his envy by taking what belong to his brother. 

He did two things

1. He broke that law of blessing only the first son and 2 he showed that age and position is not a barrier to getting what one needs. 

It was BBM or Blackberry Messenger that was invoked. 

Everyone was pinging. 

From infant to adult,  to even the old. Everybody loves BBM and they pretend as if there is no other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp didn’t backed down instead they kept there pace and keep updating their app and watch the market. 

Luckily what they have been waiting to hear finally happened. Google’s Android powered phones are taking over the market  and each of these phones has Whatsapp pre-installed in them for free. 

While BBM was only available for blackberry users only. 

Later people loose interest in BBM and Whatsapp took over as the leader of the market.  

While all these things was happening one of the most giant social media platform on earth was envious of Whatsapp’s sudden success behind the scene.

What they did shook some industry experts. Why will Facebook purchase a firm that is not financially successful? 

The answer is envy. 

And for me Facebook tailored their envy positively. Because if they have slacked their competition would have beaten them to the deal. 

The same happened with Instagram. 

But this time there were two know social media platforms that were envious of instagram’s success. The two of them longed for instagram ‘s blessin like Jacob and Esau longed for Isaac’s blessing. 

Of course you can guess who was fast and smart enough to do something about their envy before it kills them. 

Facebook of course. 

They beat Twitter to the deal and twitter tailored their envy negatively. The day that Facebook sealed the deal Was The last day the found of Twitter posted on his facebook profile. 

Mack reciprocated of course. 

But the fact remains that one envy was negative and the other was positive. 

When I discovered this hidden facts about envy. Each time I’m envy about something I tried my possible best to tailored it positively before the vise versa takes place. 

Because the worst part about envy is that you don’t know when your envy will cause you to act negatively. Sometimes you are not in control. 

So 99 percent of the time it’s wise to act on your envy before it acts on you. Because when you act on your envy you might chose to act positively but when your envy acts on you negatively will be the first to surface. 

And the reason why evil is always the first to surface when we humans are not I control Is what I still don’t fully understand.