The Universe has given the employment industry a deadline: how seriously affected are you

I just created a facebook page–Chrisee Beauty for Christiana. She wants to start a small beauty business.

I did the same for Uju about 5 years ago. Ukulele has been abducted loyal employee until that day we discoursed about running her own business so that she can experience the scarce freedom she has always dreamt of.

After that I created a food page and a website for Toniben. Later he abandoned the both platforms but has been running different kinds of small business ventures since then.

Those were my friends and people closer me. It didn’t stopped there of course.

Before I went to jos to hustle I have been convincing Kola to give me a writing job. Later I honestly my web design skills. I forgot about the writing pitch and start convincing Mr. Kola to give me the social media site he want to develop for Nigeria Law School Students.

I got the job and not only that I got about 3 more jobs from Mr. Kola

I was forced to advertise my writing skills on Google Trader back then because I was jobless and running out of cash. Let me just confess. I was broke. And I was scared that I might starve. Which I hate.

At that time hunger was my motivation. But as I grow older my motivation to run a business shifted from hunger to something worthwhile.

Something like my father was aging and won’t be able to work again.

Something like I will soon get married and build y own family and send my kids school and even before all that I still have to support my younger ones.

From Mr. Kola I went on to designed so many business websites for different people of different race I never expected.

I never intended to start a website from for the masses especially the business people.

My pleasure to do something close to my field which is music. Because of that I I started Masterwebjob. But business was slow with masterwebjob. I later discovered that truly up coming artist are some how broke and can’t afford some high level service.

Even though the price to design  à simple artiste website was tagged so low they still couldn’t make it. Instead I was having more business website  jobs. 

I have had to shift.

Back to the reason why I was design so many business website.

They all are tired of working.

90% of the people I designed business websites for were employees. They were no longer satisfied with the situation of things in their life and their work place.

It’s even crazy these days in Nigeria. Price of everything is going up and salaries are not increased. Employees are forced to work more for a penny.

I met Tina the other day. She was my waitress in one hotel I was the bartender. She told me she was looking for work. Adding got one interview and they told her her salary will be 18000.

She laughed and walked away.

Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, prove that “When self-driving cars are everywhere, 90% of the auto industry will disappear.”

With 90% of the auto industry gone, the car insurance industry will disappear. The oil industry will turn upside down. The real estate industry will change. And so on.

The coming future will witness less people looking for jobs. Instead what we are going to be having is businesses partnering with other businesses and if you pick up these trend one of these businesses that are partnering might be yours.

But my pity is that employers will be lonely up there and will be so embarrassed because of this.

There is a dead line.

Apple alone is going to spend more than $10 billion this year on Research and Development And most of these dollars are triggered by the heavy buzz of AI.

Apple are new to this AI field since they are just joking their rivals,  Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Now what is AI?

Simply put AI is an Artificial Intelligence that enables machines to do 99% of the work humans are proud to do.

What’s these means is that in the nearest future machines and Robot are going to be in front desk ding the job of a clerk or secretary very well.

Robots will be the new winter in your hotel or bar. Robots will be the new driver, robot will be the new cook and the new gateman or security officer.

If robot has field all the job position available from you to work in then tell me what will be let for you orther than to go back to your village and farm.

Perhaps even on your arrival at your village you will disappoint ed to found our that robots are doing the clearing of farm lands and a website faster in planting and harvest crops.

You are left with two options

It’s either you commit suicide or you look for Reasons not to commit suicide.