What To Do If You Are Totally Confused

When you get caught up in a state of confusion it’s very hard to come out of it.

when you are totally confused, it will seems as if you are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with no living thing in sight

You might spent 13 thousand hours trying to figure things out. This kind of state usually occurs when things are not going too well with us or maybe we lost someone too dear and too important, I mean someone that has always done everything for us, to the extent that we believe that they can never die.

When they finally leave us we are left in a complete state of dangerous confusion. Sometimes it can leads to slight madness, if nothing is done then the madness will escalate to something else. Or if you live in lagos then you might find yourself in Yaba left.

So now you see why confusion is a very serious thing one must not joke with.

Although there are positive confusion too.

The ones that involves you being over rich, over popular, over satisfied and you feel like “ah” what am I gonna do now that it seems like i’m on top of the world…

All the ideas I have stated below will assist the two parties in scaling through such a mysterious condition. However don’t just get confused. Live your life!

A. Do nothing

B. Watch a comedy skit or imagine elenu or bovi’s face

C. Walk around

D. Read a very interesting book, I mean a very interesting one like “Choose yourself” by James Altucher

E. Think of suicide then think of how many people will suffer if you die a premature death

F. Read a comedy blog or book

G. If you are a blogger write a blog about your confusion like I’m almost doing now….but I’m not that confused. If you are not a blogger call me now +2348108095373 I will set up a professional blog for you…very affordable!

H. Masturbate….if you in the northern countries don’t get caught. I learned that they kill for that.

I. If it’s Friday that you are confused go to a night vigil or a very busy club that imports girls from Cote d viour, Ghana and South africa. (these countries has got some figure 8s)

J. Take a cold bath… your brain will be refreshed

K. Stay away from everyone

L. Call and hang out with the person you loved most man or woman…being gay doesn’t matter now

M. Don’t get totally confused …go back to your initial plan

N. Pray.

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