Why I start to worship my boss 

“I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Good Friday, 1989, at 3:30 in the afternoon. It was 37 degrees outside. I stood outside the Colosseum Mall, a mall in Jamaica, Queens. It’s pretty popular. Just shivering with a bag of hats. I sold $800 worth of hats in an hour,” Daymond John tells me.

$800 an hour. That’s “the power of broke.”

Before FUBU (a $6 billion global apparel company), before Shark Tank, and before Obama chose him as the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, Daymond John worked 18-hour days driving a delivery van. And he wasn’t making money.

His paychecks covered overhead – the cost of his van, gas, and maintenance. He worked to make money, and he made money to work.

That’s James altucher introducing another side of Damond John,  the founder of FUBU.

But there is one story of Damond and FUBU that I enjoyed. The story states that John never quit his job until he got an order worth exactly $400,000 before he was sure that he can run this entrepreneur  journey successfully.

Upon how prepared Damond was this $400,000 order was too huge for him to carry out alone. So he ran to his mother for aide.

He delivered and became a millionaire.

So he didn’t have to worship anyone any longer.

When I was new in the job Industry I used to bullshit all my employers. I said to myself that I’m still young and I’m a talented rapper. Nothing is happening.

So that day I woke up. Looked up to the ceiling and made up my mind. I won’t go back o that job.

“Momma” as I fundly call her who happens to be the overall manager in the sport company I was working at called me later in the morning. 

“Lako where are you nah? Are you not coming to work today? “

I laughed, as usual and I replied, momma I’m not working again.

She cut the call.

After two days she called me again, I did the same thing,  she said Lako are you alright. She cut the call again.

Then for the last time she called a week later. I told here  “momma I’m serious I’m not working again…. I want to focused on my music career”

After that the calls stopped coming in.

I rested a lot at home and squandered the little money I managed to save.  Then I start to starve again. I start to rely on my hommies to eat.

The experience was not nice at all. So I have got to get another job.  But with low pay.

I didn’t care, I took the job. But I learned a vital learson.  If you are hungry while you go out to look for job you will accept any offer proffered to you.

So don’t go and look for job with an empty stomach!

I got a new job…. Stayed for few months and quit the job again. This kept repeating itself until I turn 25.

Then I realized that I have got to stick to one job until I’m buoyant enough to start my own business. I can’t be running from one place to the other.

So the job I stick with was not that high paying, but it was my Plan-B or C. It was something I always fall back on.

When my father died I had no penny on me. It was my job that helped me to get some little change in my pocket that I used to get the Corps to the village. (my eldest sister was a great support too) 

I have got rent to pay and younger ones that look up to me.  It’s still this same job that I look up to. To assist me financially.

Not that I’m not running other businesse on the side. But this job at the moment is the ultimate.

This job is what makes me to stand firm and look at life straight in the eye.

So because of all these responsibilities this job is carrying for me I’m forced to worship the job and my boss that created the job.

So at this moment if any best seller author says quit your job, I will tell him “Fuck you” in my mind.

But when the time comes to quit the job I will. And I will apologize to them.