You Can Choose To Smoke Wisely Or You Can Die Early

Occasional smoker or not… You are still a smoker!

But your chance of dieing early like heavy smokers like my late dad is slim.

When people ask me if I do smoke I told them occasionally. So now who is lieing to who?

I got a full permission from my father who always sent me to buy him a cigarette known as “Yes” around 2001-2004.

Then later when the Yes company went into oblivion I switched to Benson.

I remember smelling the cigarette on my home, the sent was appealing to me. It seems like a mixed chocolate. Sometimes I will put the tip of my tongue on the side where the fire is lit.

I repeated this action until cigarettes itself is nothing strange to me.

Meanwhile before 2001 that my father started sending me o buy me cigarettes in 1998 I had a friend named Michael he too was from the east. They lived at Tiamiu Savage street of Olosa Street in Victoria Island.

There house is behind ours.

Me an Michael both attend the same Kuramo Primary School directly opposite Eko Hotel.

Michael was as playful as me and like to explore. One day after we finish climbing the Mango Tree in front of their compound. Me and Michael went inside the compound.

No one was at home.

He said I should come let’s go to a narrow pathway that anyone hardly pass.

I obliged.

As we got there he took it a piece of paper, wrapped it like a cigarette and brought out a matches to light it.

He smoked it and gave it to me to try.

I agreed and we continued like that back and front back and front until his elder sister Ogechi caught us and scared us away.

Later in the night when his mother came back Ogechi reported what he saw me and Michael doing today to the mother who went into a furry and beat the heal out of Michael and me.

Since that day for a very long time I never tried that again.